Argan Oil Uses


  • Prevents acne
  • Heals acne and scaring
  • Neutralizes oily skin by balancing the natural oil in your skin
  • Evens out skin tone and diminishes blemishes
  • Prevents and eliminates wrinkles
  • Can be added to your make-up brushes or beauty blender to blend foundation
  • Prevents and relives razor burn- for face and body
  • Prevents and reduces scaring on the body
  • Heals any type of skin aliment- such as burns, eczema, chicken pox, shingles
  • Great for irritation in private areas
  • Moisturizer for the face and body, substitute for lotion.
  • Chap stick
  • The best tanning oil you can use, keeps the skin hydrated, is a natural SPF and evenly tans the skin.
  • As a moisturizer, apply to entire body and face immediately after shower while skin is still damp. I do this every day! Which may sound extreme but you must remember you are using argan oil as a replacement for lotion. Anytime you apply lotion to your body apply argan oil instead.
  • For shaving, 1. Use Oliver Simon Argan Oil as shaving cream, this may clog the razor a little but it protects the skin from pulling and breaking. 2. Immediately after you have finished shaving apply argan oil to prevent razor burn.
  • For tanning, apply generous amount to area you are tanning. Tan for a minimum of 20 min. Do this 1-2 times a week for best results.
  • For acne and acne scars, apply one drop to acne or scares every day until problem is eliminated. Preferably before bed.


  • Promotes hair growth by supplying the scalp with necessary nutrients
  • Rebuilds split ends
  • Takes away dandruff and itchy scalp
  • Eliminates oily hair by balancing the natural production of oil
  • Prevents and reverses thinning hair
  • For split ends apply a little argan oil to ends of your hair before bed, then braid hair (two braids, multiple sections, or French braid will work). Preferably after you get out of the shower when hair is damp or wet. Go to sleep with hair in braids. When you wake up in the morning you have two choices depending on your preference and how much oil you used. 1. You can rinse out the oil. 2. Leave argan oil in hair and style as normal. Do this 3-5 times a week and you will see a huge difference with in a month.
  • For thinning hair or hair loss. Apply a small amount of argan oil to problem area every night before bed.
  • For dandruff, itchy scalp, and oily hair, apply Oliver Simon Argan Oil before bed to entire scalp, rubbing the excess in to the ends of your hair. Make sure scalp is completely covered in argan oil. You can do this after you get out of the shower or with dry hair. I always do it when my hair is dry. After applying the argan oil put hair in braid or bun and wrap in towel or use a night cap. I put a thick towel over my pillow and go to sleep. When you wake up wash hair like normal with shampoo and conditioner. You should be able to notice a significant difference immediately. Do this 1-2 times a week until condition subsides.


  • Preventing stretch marks
  • Reducing stretch marks
  • Cracking around the breast due to breast feeding
  • Baby rash
  • For pregnant women during and after, apply argan oil every day after showering to stomach, breast, or anywhere stretch marks would occur.
  • For baby, Oliver Simon Argan Oil is 100% pure, organic, and chemical free. It can be used anywhere on your baby. Best uses for diaper rash and baby eczema.


  • Anti-irritation and an anti-inflammatory
  • Repairs scar tissues
  • Softens and conditions the skin
  • Reduces and eliminates itchiness
  • Apply a drop or two of Oliver Simon Argan Oil on to your tattoo. The amount of oil used will depend on the size of the tattoo. Then, gently massage the oil into the skin on and around your tattoo. Be sure to use argan oil several times a day to keep the area hydrated and protected. Oliver Simon Argan Oil naturally contains anti-microbial properties which will help keep infection at bay.